The wisdom within the Full Moon


Wild, wonderful and wilful

It is as if the  Moon is asking us…
Are You ready to reveal yourself and be the person you can truly be?

I often wonder how different this world would be if the feminine principles of life were honoured, if everyone took the time to reflect.   The moon is a portal through which the divine feminine light pours onto the earth. The full Moon is a time to scrutinise ourselves, our souls and develop our causal chakra and promote its activation.
For 10OO years we have been influenced by the masculine. In the new « Golden Age » the qualities of peace, harmony, egalitarianism, cooperation, love, unity, and wisdom must harmonize with the masculine.

The earth energies of this beautiful Moon bathe us in a dynamic feminine light…strongly encouraging us to access latent ressources within ourselves as yet to be exploited.  From the hand of the Maiden (Virgo) they reflect our true nature and our greatest potential. This allows us to see the essence of our soul and to discover facets of ourselves that we did not know existed. We are all to be reminded of our divine magnificence and that we may see the monad, the one ray or « I am » presence to which we all belong.  Much of our wisdom and power and many of our talents are locked away and unused.  It is time for this potential to be activated and integrated into our lives.

Visualise your casual chakra as your personal Moon and allow it to shine a higher light of consciousness on your heart and mind, be calm and allow it to reflect the hidden aspects of your soul. Tap into these unseen resources. Scan your soul. Take a glimpse at higher possibilities and inner potentials.

When we  find balance and put peace, harmony and cooperation into practice.
When we reach equilibrium, we contribute to the balance of the planet.

This can be a conscious or unconscious process, but it will allow you to express your essence and transform your life.  Be ready to develop the gifts or qualities that your intuition draws your attention to.  You might surprise yourself.

 But be assured that the gentle qualities of innocence, love, peace, tranquility, balance, kindness and calm
will infuse ours aura with a pure silvery light so that we can keep these feminine qualities within us.  



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