March Full Moon 2020


 Full Moon in Leo

Monday 9th March – 17.48 GMT


Todays Full Moon sits in the constellation of Leo which is ruled by the Sun.  If you take a look at the above chart you can see that the Sun is currently positioned right on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces.  When the element fire reflects the Suns light from an air sign (Aquarius) we are being encouraged to demonstrate our creative nature and communicate our passions.  This is a time to use our gifts and talents for the universal good with enthusiasm, to share who we are with self-assured playfulness and generosity.  When the element of fire is imbued with water (Pisces) it creates a vapour which pushes us into movement, stimulating circumstances which create changes;  When we are balanced this movement can be smooth, but it is quite possible that the sentiment is one of turbulence.

The positive aspects of the Moon with Mars, Jupiter and Pluto may bring new opportunities which can confidently appreciate as long as we remember to be considerate towards  others (venus square to Saturn) and not come across as self centred and boastful.

Remember that we are energy and we are responsible for all our actions.  This whole Universe is the coexistence of magnetic psyches within an electromagnetic field.   We are each with our own frequency, rhythm, axle and orbit and when our electromagnetic fields meet we intertwine psyches – this can create love, affection and affiliation or clash with anger.

Primum non nocere

First do no harm

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