December Full Moon 2019


 Full Moon in Taurus

Thursday 12th December – 05.12 GMT


This last Full Moon of the year is known as the Snow Moon and appears in the constellation of Taurus; highlighting the characteristics of self-reliance and resourcefulness.  Clear skies permitting, the Moon will be seen due south in the corner of Orion around midnight, reflecting the light of the Sun from healing Opiuchus.  The intensity of the Moons energy makes us receptive to insights, so take the time to check in on yourself.  If sleep escapes you, lie as for Yoganidra and simply observe.  Be grateful of this time and train yourself to relax, breathing deeply will allow your consciousness to expand and open to new intuitions.  Embodying the earth element helps us to feel anchored  and steady, when we can begin to see the neutrality of the body, our awareness will be directed to what we need to transform in our lives so that healing can manifest. Taking one step at a time.  The Ruler of Taurus is Venus, sitting in adventurous Sagittarius, we may become aware of new opportunities and potentials in our relationships.

With both the Moon and the Sun square to Neptune, there maybe be a slight feeling of heaviness or doubt.. dig deep in these moments, the depth of our insecurities simply comes from our own self prophesying beliefs, be thankful for new awarenesses that will lead to harmony, reconciliation and greater strength of purpose.

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