October Full Moon 2019


 Full Moon in Pisces

Sunday 13th October – 21.08 BST


Once again the Full Moon rises in the constellation of Pisces, symbolising the development of our receptive self and spiritual the qualities of inner peace and tranquility.  To remain centred; by living in the present moment, accepting all that arises in our immediate and collective environment and to surrender  the need to control.

If we take a look at the aspects, the position of the other celestial bodies, we can see a challenging T square between Pluto and Saturn (in Sagittarius) and the South node.  These planets affect the collective, indicating it’s a time for us to break Karmic cycles and patterns by using discipline and patience to face our fears.  With Mercury moving into Libra and trine with Jupiter, our minds (if we remain in a state of Presence )  will feel the lightness of the air element, bringing inspiring thoughts and opportunities favouring etheric creativity.

In today’s society we are influenced by two major fears or  » mental parasites » the thought of scarcity, that their is simply not enough to go around and therefore we must hold on tightly to everything and take as much we have and the misunderstanding of the concept of freedom  .. as creative beings it is our right to do exactly as we please.  In order for us to exist in harmony with one another and planet Earth the concept of Plenty or abundance  has to be understood.

The Full Moon nearest to the Autumnal Equinox is known as the Harvest Moon. It’s the time of year for the Harvest Festival, where our efforts for sewing seeds and nurturing the seedlings in fertile soil are rewarded with the fruits (and vegetables) of our actions.  The produce is then gathered within a community and subsequently shared in a celebration of gratitude and praise.  In a healthy community this means that everyone has exactly what they need.

to be continued…..please revisit this page later…


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