The Art of Loyalty


The Judas Tree


Circus Siliquastrum – Fabaceae

This beautiful tree which thrives alongside the auto routes of southern France (Europe and west Asia) has the most amazing pink flowers which burst from its’ stems, branches and trunk before the majestic heart shaped leaves appear.  This deciduous tree, which can grow up to 12M is reportedly the species of tree from which Judas Iscariot hanged himself after betraying Jesus. Hence the association with the importance of being loyal.. first to oneself and hence by consequence to others.

In my garden there are some 16 Trees, all grown from seed some 8 years ago.  And this year something marvellous happened.  They created seeds pods.  I had already  learnt that the flowers of this tree are edible and that their delicious softness is appreciated when used to decorate spring salads, however to discover the seed pods hanging like peas (Family Fabaceae) was wonderful and inspiring. So now as I watch the seed pods turn slowly from green to red, I reflect on the idea of sewing, and how, when planted into fresh soil, another generation will have been created.

There is a certain boldness required to make a new start.  But our spirit is like a Phoenix, no matter what arrives our spirit refuses defeat.  Our spirit is like the Judas Tree, the beauty of our vision is expressed as the pink within its’ flowers, the leaves in their form of a heart symbolises the courage and persistance required to live up to our highest values and the seeds in the pods the new opportunities or chances to be reaped.  There is so much to discover in life.  It’s up to us to decide, because the light and power of the sun is in us, just like those seeds.

To be reborn suggests something different, true, authentic, radient and free.  But before this rebirth and transformation can take place, all that stops us living  in joy, harmony and satisfaction needs to be released.  So challenge yourself, question the loyalty towards your values and seek to sew the seeds of change, I am sure that you will be delighted with the results.

May divine love bring grace, comfort and assistance protect all beings who decide to live an audacious rebirth.

I am reborn, resplendent, divine and authentic

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