July New Moon 2019


 New Moon in Gemini

Tuesday 2nd July – 19.16 BST


– Judas Tree

 House Placements for New Moon and Solar Eclipse

The New Moon of July and a Solar eclipse at the North Node take place in the Air sign of Gemini.  Thus inciting our minds, with double the impetus, to develop and grow through interest, intrigue and initiative.  The months new beginnings, suggest a new path, a new way of being and a profound understanding that there is always something new to discover.  So as we take time to reflect on the area of our lives that this cosmic event is most influential, whatever House that maybe , remember there is the possibility of a shift  or a new tangent on our life’s journey.

The cosmic twins help us understand that Life is a place to learn, share and communicate; Life is a process and we, by our experiences, verify the usefulness of the information gained from listening to others.  The Twins symbolise synergy and equality.  In opposition to the New Moon is Saturn in Sagittarius, giving a sense of responsibility to our ideas.  Suggesting that the insights that are gained from this New Moon and Eclipse are to be planted like seeds and will act as the foundations for the events that follow and manifest over the months to follow.  Mercury the Ruler of Gemini sits in watery cancer, next to Mars.. indicating that our actions from our insights will have an extremely nurturing and beneficial influence, creating a deeper sense of security within our lives.  A square to Chiron, in watery Pisces, reminds us to continue to surrender and accept life as it is, to face and integrate our wounds so that we can integrate this healing into our personnel development. Hence any intentions we set have the potential to be extremely constructive.  Lastly there is a Sextile to Uranus in Aries, giving an air of excitement and the courage needed to disrupt the status quo to be progressive or unorthodox in our choices and initiate change for the benefit of all.

The Heavens offer the power of a bold rebirth


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