June Full Moon 2019


 Full Moon in  Ophiuchus

Monday 17th June – 08.31 BST


The Full Moon this month is in Ophiuchus, conjunct to the Galactic Center.  Ophiuchus symbolises the wounded healer.  As we learn to accept the deeper dimensions of life and the deeper dimensions within ourselves we are able to transform.  At this peak time of the lunar month there is a greater potential for releasing and thus the transformation of energy. The internal shifts of direction that we set in place by making intensions and the subsequent integration our wounds (shadow-self) leads to a rebirth.
Which we achieve through the acceptance of self and by simply letting things go.
A conjunction to Jupiter brings an inspirational energy making this a great time for gaining greater insight and a broadened perspective in a free spirited way and with a square to Neptune this acceptance and of the unconditional love required to heal all wounds leads to a greater flow, spiritual development and hence the receptivity to our Divine life.
Release all your fears into the Galactic centre.  Meditate on the Moon and allow her to reflect your hidden gifts.  Turn your despairs into an Art and recreate. By letting go of  the need to know and by surrendering to the moment… Just try it

This inspired me today- The Art of being Fragile 

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