June New Moon 2019


 New Moon in Taurus

Monday 3rd June – 10.02 BST


A New Moon in the Earth sign of Taurus brings us once again to contemplate the value of self-reliance.  How, by taking slow and steady steps in the direction of our goal we can change our material reality.  Venus the planet of relationships, is now at home in Taurus. With Venus trine to Pluto (the planet of deep change and unveiling of truth) this New Moon is a time to honour the temple of our material existence….. Our physical body.

Beauty comes from within…

In the practise of Yôga the Asana take care of the body, stimulate and harmonise our Chakra system, so that we can sit still comfortably and become aware of our thoughts.  Then with practise and dedication cleanse our minds, uplift our vibration and become aware of higher states of consciousness.

On the day of the New Moon the bodies (physical, emotional and mental) capacities for detoxification are at it’s highest.  Making it a rule to fast on the day of the New Moon does a lot to improve our health.  It’s a suitable time to make New beginnings, a starting point for throwing out « bad » habits.  The strong withdrawal symptoms felt from « giving up » are kept within bounds; even postponing our morning coffee becomes a pleasurable experience of strength of will, rather than a feat of endurance… decisions made with the New Moon enable us to react calmly to the sense of loss.  These habits are an outward expression of disorientated forces that only need a new goal to become valuable and useful.

Take a good look at your life and your relationship with your body and calmly and quietly chose a habit that you wish to change.  This  Mudra can help  .  Remember we do not necessarily have to give something up.. You could always add something to your life… but make this change tomorrow with a heart felt intension and just observe the effects that it has on your life and the beauty of your outward appearance.

For this next Lunar month I propose to share with you the placement of the Moon (which constellation it is visiting) and it’s corresponding part of the body.  Our bodies react if we continually force it to ignore it’s natural rhythm and needs… hardly perceptible at first, but gradually impulses build up to disorder or disease. For the days that the Moon visits each of the 13 signs different forces make themselves felt throughout the living world, each sign has available to it forces that promote the flushing out of poisons or the drawing in of nutrients..

Inner certainty can be lost in a veil of self-delusion, but can re-emerge into consciousness and clear insight when we accept that we are creating our existence and that includes the human body..

If you realise that you have enough
You are truly rich

Tao Te Ching


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