Kindness Kriya – Day 38


A Peaceful Heart


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Prayer gives peace and prosperity

The heart is something marvellous.  On the physical plane of existence it works non-stop to keep us alive.  From a point of view spiritual it integrates messages from the Universal heart helping us to receive the counsel of the Divine.  Our heart is our guide, our friend and inspiration.  Even after being broken it is capable of regenerating by the strength of love.  It reminds us that the power of love is without limit.

Equally our hearts create an electromagnetic force, expressing and transmitting information without the necessity for words.  Our hearts are capable of modifying thoughts, feelings and even an ambiance in a room and dissipate the mental confusion.  Our hearts work on the plane of intuition not reason, receiving grace and light, thus eliminating obstacles that can keep the mental body in confusion.

When we learn to live from our hearts we are healed and we can heal.  There is nothing worse than the feeling of a broken heart, except maybe a frozen heart, but as all is energy there is nothing that Love can not do..

The outstanding characteristic of the soul is Love, finding expression in ways such as Kindness, goodwill, harmlessness, understanding, forgiveness, sacrifice, humility, compassion, serenity, selflessness – but they are all variations of love.

Love is like a diamond with many facets

The love that I am talking about is not the love responsible for physical attraction or sentimentality.  Divine love is the driving force underlying all evolutionary activity; it is the energy that carries us forward until we find the path of self-realisation.  With the combined powers of heart and mind, if correctly applied there is literally no limit to this creative energy.

As we evolve and are liberated ourselves, helping others that are suffering, frozen, lost or beside themselves becomes of greater importance. The brighter the light of love burns in our own heart, the more light we have to irradiate the way for others.

All human relationships are ultimately determined by love.  Its absence or presence.  If we persistently endeavour to see one another in the light of love all negative habits of hate, suspicion or criticism will be super seeded by kindness.

For effective group work love is essential – love recognises no barriers, it understands, ignores mistakes, negates separating thoughts and protects in order to preserve group integrity.

May my heart reflect the light lord
Like the Moon reflects the light of the sun
In love only in Love

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