Exercise – I am the light


I am the light of the World


This exercise Powerfully makes you OWN your actions!

Visualise yourself as the centre of the universeas the creator and central character of your life experience. You are standing at the centre of a circle, around you are your circumstances (the events, details and conditions of your life). Whatever you think, say and do, plays a part in creating your circumstances. Your circumstances are never independent of your actions. In life there are plenty of unforeseen events but it’s how we respond to them that creates our experience.

An event, plus our interpretation of it and beliefs about it, results in our response to it, and therefore lead to a certain outcome.  When we change our beliefs, our interpretation  and response will change and therefore the outcome will automatically change.

Meditate on yourself being the centre of your universe,  breathe the universe in and out. Gradually you realise that you and you alone, have been there in every single situation and

You can’t blame others anymore.
You can’t avoid taking responsibility.
You can’t be the victim anymore.

You become aware that your responses to events have led you to where you are now. Maybe some of your actions were intentional, and maybe some were unconsciously guided by your beliefs…

You, and you alone, are central to every situation you’re in

Understand You are the Light of the World


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