Kindness Kriya – Day 19



The degree to which I love myself
is the degree to which I have Integrity

With the Moon moving out of Aries and into Taurus the qualities of self-reliance and self-worth are being highlighted.  Taurus is the cardinal Earth sign and represents the enjoyment of life through our values.  Living true to our inner-self requires strength of character.  The planetary ruler of Taurus, Venus, sits in the constellation of Aquarius giving us the possibility to look at our relationships in a humanitarian way and see if we honestly live up to our values and relate to ourselves and others with Integrity.

I will not value what is valueless

A course in Miracles

However as we walk our path back to wholeness we will find that our values do not remain stationary.  There is a constant process of adjustment to keep pace with our ever expanding consciousness.  The rate of this expansion will vary and will also undergo periods of stagnation, but this cyclic development follows a rhythmic pattern and we must adapt ourselves to this pulsation.

This ebb and flow can be observed in every sphere of existence, it is the symbol of the constellation of Pisces (the two fishes swimming in opposite directions) and where the Sun (our life force) and Mercury (our minds) can be found as I write.

Being Kind to ourselves and others then becomes paramount and one of the easiest and powerful tools we have is to be grateful.

Thank you for the food we eat
Thank you for the world so sweet
Thank you for the birds that sing

Thank you

Thank you for everything



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