Kindness Kriya – Day 14


Dancing into Heaven


As we come to the end of one Lunar month and prepare to integrate the energy of a New Moon in Pisces I will remind  those of you close to St.Pabu of the grace of a three hour Yôga practise. This Sunday 7th April at the new time of 9am – 12 noon.

In this extended practise I will share with you some of the techniques I have been creating since my visit to Egypt with Stewart Pearce.  Integrating Stewarts work using the seed sounds of creation and my knowledge of  Yoga Asana and alignment, I have choreographed sequences of movement and meditation. These exercises stimulate our Chakra system to give conscious access to the subtle bodies and clear, cleanse and re-dynamise the physical body.

Remember it’s the practise that makes us perfect

I encourage you as an act of kindness to self to chose any of the exercises up on this site and dedicate a little time everyday to your internal existence.  You will soon be able to observe yourself from a point of neutrality.

Remember we are not human beings searching for the highs of a spiritual experience

But spiritual beings experiencing Being Human 

We are not here to escape from the material world, but to fill it with our light and love and generosity, gradually building a place where we all belong.

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