Kindness Kriya – Day 12


The unknown  Path


Traveller, there is no path.
You make the path as you travel it.

However the planets are stationed in the sky and what ever happens during our day there is one thing that can holds us back …. fear.  Fear prevents us from realising and expressing our true potential.  We can try and overcome our fear, but as it is blocked deep inside it casts an invisible shadow over our life. Fears have a tendency to become disproportionate and irrational and are often subconscious.

It’s time to let them rise to the surface, to give them our attention, recognise them and give them love. To observe, talk to, and embrace our fears one by one, (making our subconscious conscious) and transforming them into light.

When we allow « spirit » to live in every cell of our body we shine.. this light attracts people and situations, but we have to walk our path, nobody can walk it for us..

So with a deep breath and a smile.. I am ready to share…



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