Full moon Kriya of Kindness – Day 3


Slow down and Saviour

With the beauty of spring upon us and the dreamy energy of the heavens calling at us to be aware of our aspirations and inner gifts, what better time to slow down and remember our intension of kindness.  Kindness to self would be to honour those dreams and aspirations that come from our creative self.

In order to slow down, we need to become aware of Time and it’s passing.  How we are using it and what thoughts are filling our minds.  A course in Miracles suggests (as one of it’s many Daily exercises in folding time) for one day – taking five minutes at the turn of every hour to re-remember your Divinity.

Ideally this means sitting as for meditation, but at least closing you eyes on the world around you.  Setting an alarm helps, not carrying what other people think helps and not worrying if it’s not convenient and doing it later helps! Give it a go

And as

Our Intension is kindness,

Fill your heart with this intension 

Fill your heart with kindness 

And allow it to flow throughout your entire body

And Observe.

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