Full Moon Kriya of Kindness – Day 2



With the energy of the Moon still strong in Virgo,  Mercury can now be found conjunct to   Neptune. This will create a dreamy energy, felt increasing as the weekend unfolds. The capacity to remain present and listen to our inner guidance, to take stock of our insights and act on them accordingly helps us to see into our creative and spiritual self.  Kriya’s help us cleanse the lense or even lift the veils that prevent us seeing the unity within all of life and prevent us from acting from a place of kindness.                                                  Tonight in our monthly kriya we will practise Kaya Kriya. I learnt this strong and beautiful Kriya during my Thai Yoga massage training.  We use it to « open into » and « close out » of a massage.  That is to say, cleanse any energetic debris out of our field of consciousness before we give the massage and clear out anything that may have been collected, consciously or unconsciously, during the massage.  I do not feel to share this as an exercise via a post, it is an art. And deserves to be transmitted in it’s entirety.   The slow undulating movements of the body connected to a slow and deep respiration (whilst lying as for Yoganidra) gently unfold the body and the mind into higher realms of consciousness where the 3D reality of the exterior world is put aside and a direct experience with subtle matter is felt.                                                                                               It will be a first for me to practise for 2 and a half hours.  There is only space for six persons in the studio, if you are interested there are a few places free.  Let me know.

This Kriya can easily be learnt in an hour’s lesson, I am happy to organise group sessions, it’s greater for families as children love it, it’s suitable for any one.

This is a book highlight that I added this morning.  I hope you enjoy it.

The Sun in Chiron is a time for a great healing

interior and/or physical.

Ahe Sun over Chiron it a time for great inner and/or physical healing.


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