Golden Orb Meditation



Lie or sit in a position where you can completely relax.  Allow the music to surround you in a golden orb of light, maybe you see it, open to feeling it. It’s there in the music, all around you a deep sense of security and comfort – its the energy of the entire universe supporting you.  Feel it. Let it enter through the layers of your clothes to your skin, the subcutaneous tissues and in to muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones.  Allow yourself to melt into the experience.

Then from within the centre of your chest focus on the concept of presenceand set an intension of kindness.  Allow the seed of this intension to manifest and flow out into your  entire body as if you were infusing the golden light with the pink of kindness creating a rose gold orb all around you. Enjoy.

Pierre-Yvon Le Gall

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