March Full Moon – 2019


 Full Moon in Virgo

Thursday 21st March – 01.43 GMT

The Full Moon of March sits in the constellation of Virgo, bringing it’s energies of self improvement, refinement and self development. Whilst the Sun is shining it’s light from watery Pisces, reminding us to Surrender to the present moment, create stillness and listen to our intuition, the Moon reflects this light imbued with the Earth element of the Maiden.. Where and How do we need to do the work to ground these watery energies into the material world?  With Mercury retrograde (moving back into inventive and humanitarian Aquarius), We can now look back over the past 6 months to when the New Moon was in Virgo and see « how are our Virgo qualities? » and what action have we taken in the areas of our lives that we can control. That namely being ourselves. Now is a time for self-discipline and a little willingness to make the effort stick to healthy habits and new routines, which will aid us to reveal the Best version of ourselves.

In timing with the arrival of Spring, Mars shifts out of Fiery Aries (where our desires have been activated) and moves into Slow and steady Taurus, bringing more of the Earth element and a sense of self reliance. The resulting desire for self-transformation is further aided with Pluto forming a grand Trine, helping us feel supported and even empowered to change, to create new supportive patterns of behaviour and even do the things that we have up until now feared to do!!

This Full Moon offers the liberation that comes with Self-empowerment, however with Venus Square to Mars we will consciously need to integrate the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves and our receptive/active dualistic natures  to live integrally with our values and needs.  With Venus sextile to Jupiter opportunities for expansion can be integrated and whilst Mercury (retrograde) sextiles Saturn methods of communicating will come from a place of sureness, patience and productivity.

Allow your Essence to come alive

like the Blossoms of Spring,

Remember the Greatest version of self

Celebrate you Divinity 

And let your Heart Sing

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