12th House: concerns inner peace (nutrition, presence, mindfulness, faith ,empathy, compassion, connection with God) and connectedness (meditative time, rest, dreams, isolation, spirituality, unresolved things, psychic abilities). Balanced by the 6th house.

11th House: concerns groups, community ( contribution, ideals, visions, aspirations, group orientation, humanitarianism ) and causes (groups, friends, networks, community, career values, philanthropy, organisations)..Balanced by the 5th house.

10th House: concerns legacy, life’s work (commitment, determination, dedication, responsibility, mastery, maturity, discipline and public life (career, vocation, public image, recognition, achievements, legacy, authorities, experts). Balanced by the 4th house.

9th House: concerns the exploration of life (adventurousness, open mindedness, optimism, purpose, freedom, expansion, spirit, wisdom) and life’s purpose (philosophy, higher learning, teachings, gurus, travel, matters abroad, publishing, broadcasting).  Balanced by the 3rd house.

8th House: concerns transparency, (regeneration, non-attachment, communion, acceptance) and deep connections (others resources, bonds, endings and beginnings, hidden things, healing).  Balanced by the 2nd house.

7th House: concerns justice, mutuality, (balance, harmony, fairness, conscientiousness, morality, impartiality, cooperativeness) and relationships (partnerships, marriage, agreements, legal matters, business dealings).  Balanced by the 1st house.

6th House: concerns the improvement of self and environment (refinement ,growth, organisation, service, helpfulness, charitableness) and routine, (everyday work, health, diet, methods, habits, crafts, skills, work practices, assistance).  Balanced by the 12th house.

5th House: concerns self-expression (passion, playfulness, romantic love, pleasure, fun, excitement) and creativity (children, romance, arts, entertainment, recreation, speculation).  Balanced by the 11th house.

4th House: concerns emotional security (receptiveness, affection, sentimentality, introversion) and caring and nurturing others (home, family, past, roots, emotional foundations, traditions, privacy).  Balanced by the 10th house.

3rd House: concerns the rational mind (practicality, sociability, communication, flexibility, lightheartedness) and communicating and learning from others (thoughts, practical ideas, writing, correspondence, immediate environment, peers, siblings).  Balanced by the 9th house.

2nd House: concerns self-reliance (our values, talents and resourcefulness) and working within the natural world (material values, wealth, possessions and sensual pleasures).  Balanced by the 8th house.

1st House: concerns self awareness (our physical body, its appearance, energy levels and aspirations) and our assertion of will power (confidence, independence and new beginnings).  Balanced by the 7th house.

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