February New Moon 2019


 New Moon in Capricorn

Monday 4th February 2019 at 9.03 pm GMT


The Monthly Lunar cycle of February has the Moon rising in the Constellation of Capricorn.  This Earth sign is ruled by the planet Saturn.  We are being encourage to use the qualities of perseverance and patience to build our legacy.  Saturn the planet of structure and discipline sits in the Fire sign of Sagittarius fuelling our desire to create with long lasting value.  Mercury too sits in Capricorn concretising our thoughts in the Earth plane. 

Mars the planet of self determined action sits in Pisces and is in opposition to Pluto, I would interpret this as the need to stay centred as we are faced with the task of transformation.  It is only by facing our deepest fears and eliminating deep emotional attachments that we can reveal the truth in ourselves and others.

We are all born with a vision or life mission.  If you are unhappy or struggling or unwell it is a sign of denial, that something needs to change to allow the joy and a sense of freedom to surface.  This could simply be our attitude.  After all happiness is a choice.  When the decision to be a happy learner has taken root in our hearts we are living from a place without judgement.  Each experience simply IS and the more we practise starting each day a new, without the weight of yesterday, our lives start to flow.  

Venus sits in the Constellation of Sagittarius with a harmonious trine to Uranus the planet of revolutionary change, bathed in the Watery energy from Pisces.  Thus with a little give and take, optimism and purpose our relationships can be liberated from stasis and we will be inspired to make the changes required for the benefit of all.

Finally, Jupiter sits in the sign of Ophiuchus with a harmonious Trine to Uranus and a beneficial sextile to Mercury.  Healing ourselves is ultimately a choice, to observe our thoughts, to sit with an emotion for it’s duration (chemically this is only 90 seconds) to act lovingly and speak compassionately.  As we progress along the spiritual path the power of thought and word, written and spoken becomes unerringly apparent.

Stand up
Express your inner truth
Let dignity, wisdom and Love shine in all Hearts

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