Hakini Mudra


Hakini Mudra

Gesture of truth, clarity and inner union


Concentration is my strength

This mudra synchronises the two hemispheres our brain and activates the right hemisphere where our memory is stored. It helps with our capacity to assimilate information and encourages the use of our intuition by energising the 6th chakra.

This Mudra also improves and deepens the respiration, building up the energy of the lungs (prana) which is redirected to the brain.  When you need to concentrate on mental work face west, hold the Mudra and be sure not to cross your feet.

Next time you loose something or can not remember something – Try this.

Place all the finger tips together, direct your eyes upwards focusing on the Añja Chakra.
Place the tip of the tongue on your upper gums while inhaling and let the tongue fall while exhaling, repeat for a few breaths. Become silent. Listen carefully.  Then take a deep breath and what you wanted to remember ought to immediately occur to you.

I once used this and found a ring lost in the sand.  It was the engagement ring of a lady I met on holiday in Penmar’ch, they had been looking for it will a metal detector for sometime.  I held the position whilst walking on the beach, sat down put my hands into the sand and found it!

Hakini Mudra can be used at anytime – Keep it in mind incase of an emergency.  Use this Mudra and see the marvels that arise. Every situation, even unfortunate ones, are  a chance to discern and use.


I want to perceive the opportunities given to me, use them, take advantage of them, implement them.


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