Meditation in Reconciliation


Silver Birch

The Tree of Harmony 


This is an invitation to accept yourself, to reconcile with others and to regain your self-esteem.

Place your hands in the Hakini Mudra position

Visualize a birch tree in a forest of birch trees.  See that all its characteristics — soft bark, light and airy foliage, the delicacy with which the branches are arranged, it’s silhouette of suppleness and softness, its leaves dancing in the winds and whispering their songs in an undulating melody,  are in harmony with the other trees.  Under all the delicacy of it’s bark is a solid wood and an ability to grow in any soil (this is the first tree to reappear after a cataclysm).

We find the softness and harmony pleasant and soothing.

Remember that life offers wonderful solutions and gifts, when we make it simple.  Let this softness soak into your being and use it to overcome your hidden states of shock.

In the physical plane

Assuming the changes of the physical body, after an operation or an accident it is not always that easy, the body can change permanently.  The acceptance of this new state, allows us to heal and invite miracles.  The softness of the birch tree helps release tension from pain in the shoulders, jaws or stomach that are often indications of the demands of our lifestyle.  Allow yourself to remember a knock, a fall , a burn or a violent pain and observe how the cells of your body react to the sweetness of the birch tree and allow healing.

In the emotional plane

Softness alleviates the consequences of stress, defusing the escalation of emotions… anxiety, fear or anger often overwhelm those who are it’s victims.  We react with guilt or in an escalation of emotion that results in the loss of control.  Allow the harmonious frequency of this tree to reconcile you with unpleasant news, or the pain that follows the death of a loved one.

Gentleness helps us to reconcile ourselves with ourselves and with others by allowing us to grow in unconditional love

In the mental plane

To restore peace with oneself is to accept who one is. Reconciling the masculine with the feminine polarises these dual forces of our nature and hence reduces the struggle of our will with spontaneity and intuition.  Softness favors the integration of the feminine energy to harmonise our minds and heart and allows us to function with more creativity.

Reconcile with the cradle of life…

In women – abortion, miscarriage,  and painful menstrual cycles leave tension in our bellies.  Softness helps a woman to reconcile with her belly and to establish a new relationship.  Accepting the possibility of a new life in us is a supreme gift and not a right. This gentleness helps men respect this quality in woman and appreciate the sacredness of the life carrier and supports this process of reconciliation.

Softness to harmonize your Chakras…

Ájña (forehead) – softens the thinking processes

Vishuddha (throat) – helps to express oneself more calmly and peacefully

Anahata (heart) – helps in healing wounds; to be more caring, towards oneself and others

Manipura (solar plexus) – softens the effect of emotions

Swádhisthána (Hara) – to better accept your life, reconcile with who you are


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