December New Moon 2018


December New Moon in Ophiuchus 

Friday 7th December at 7.2Oam GMT


Meditation in reconciliation 

The New Moon of December sits in the constellation of Ophiuchus aiding us to heal ourselves and others through reconciliation with our physical body and instinctual tendencies. The Sun sits beside the Moon in the constellation of Scorpio, exposing the truth through deep involvements and penetrating the depths of life.  When the Moon sits in a water sign we will feel comfortable navigating the depths of our emotions facilitating renewal through transmutation.  The Sun’s energy in a water sign will help to recharge our energy through these deep emotional experiences and intimate experiences with people.

Both constellations are ruled by Mars, the planet of self preservation and motivation.  The Air of the constellation of Aquarius, where Mars rises will help us to connect to higher frequencies to raise the veil of illusion bringing greater faith to our intuitions and our extra sensory talents.

Our thought processes will be influenced by Mercury in the earth sign of Virgo.  Hence colouring our thoughts with practical considerations and allowing poignant and patient verbal expression.  Venus rises in and rules Libra, bringing a deep sense of mutuality facilitating harmonious conscientious communications.

Jupiter in Scorpio will intensify the desire to expose our inner truths, bringing optimism that any effort put into inner self inquiry and healing will lead to a new sense of openness and acceptation and that this transparency and non-attached vulnerability will leave us feeling revived and connected with all life.


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