August Full Moon 2018


Full Moon in Aquarius

Sunday 26th August at 11.56 am BST

Aquarius the water carrier is a progressive and humanitarian Air sign, unconventional and often eccentric it’s energies are progressive and envisioning.  The Moon sits at the beginning of the 5th House, asking us to look at matters relating to self-expression, passion and creativity.  The light of the Sun being reflected by the Moon comes from the Fiery constellation of Leo and sits in the 11th House relating to groups, community and causes, where the ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, exerts its full force…. that of responsibility.  Although the effects of the Sun are weak in Aquarius, the Sun rules Leo and it energises the 5th House like nothing else!

The grand Trine created by the fire constellations … Sun in Leo, Uranus in Aries  and Saturn in Sagittarius offer Passion, Courage and Adventure and bring warmth, support and the necessary energy required for any creative endeavour.

It really is time to unite with like minded people, to be inspired and share our talents, to initiate activities which empower our love of life.. to pick up the drum and beat to the rhythm of revolution, break free from the restrictions of conformity and tradition. Basically……

Dare to Care



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