August New Moon 2018


August New Moon in Leo

Saturday 11th August at 9.58 BST


This New Lunar cycle starts at the very beginning of the fiery constellation of Leo.  Leo is all about our self expression, what gives us joy and how we creatively express our passion for life.  With the Moon conjunct to Mercury (moving retrograde) we are being asked to see things from a new perspective and to reconsider, as Mercury moves back into Cancer we must now consider our emotional satisfaction.  What are our hobbies and  interests that feed our vital life force? What ignites our inner flame? and honestly how much FUN are we experiencing in life?

The Moon and Mercury are also square to Jupiter, bringing a sense of optimism and helping us create a balance between what is possible and what is practical.  In the beginning our optimism may swing like a pendulum, but as the month progresses we can build momentum and ground this Fiery energy, cultivating the opportunities that centre us and allow our inner light to shine.

Leo offers us the energy of our individuality, prepare yourself to feel sufficiently secure to benefit from the unique aspects of your personality, let your intuition guide you to people, places and events that reinforce what is important to You.



Turn and face the sun

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