Monthly Kriya Juin 2018


Softening our judgement

Friday 29th Juin 8pm – 10.30pm

All learning arises from experience.  We could say that life is one continuous « experience » and our participation is unequivocal .  HOW we participate is ultimately up to us.  Life is a choice, where we learn to chose what is valuable and then by our actions transmit what we have learnt.  Well known to our ancestors, the use of sound, to heal ourselves and others and to create a new, is returning to our collective consciousness.

Because finding your voice is activating your energy potential and reconnecting with the transceiver functions of each of us.

Consequently this Kriya will be divide into 5 Parts….. For each part we will chant a different Mantra..

Om Namo Naraya Naya

Hare Krishna

OM Shanti



The suggested price is …25€
The venue… My studio in St.Pabu
Again I ask you to arrive a good 10 minutes in advance and please contact me in advance so that I am aware of your participation
In love and light
peace and joy
Om Shanti


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