J.M Abel



The Spiritual Power of Sound and Voice

Every being has his music
everything has its rhythm,
every moment its color,
Every event has its candescence..


In the multitude of vibrations that flood all levels of the universe, sound has a considerable impact, whether it comes from the outside world or from within Man.  It corresponds to more or less positive energy flows, natural, accidental or human, such as speech, music, and singing.

Since the beginning of time, insiders have drawn human attention to the creative power of sound, but everything happens as if we had forgotten this subtle aspect of reality.  At a time when the world is becoming aware of the importance of vibrations, music and voice are presented as concrete tools for the knowledge, harmonisation and development of the human being.

In this perspective, the Orient brings a scientific and metaphysical study all the more fundamental as it is based on millennia of experience and offers precise working bases. It is both an exercise of interiorization and an activity of expansion, i.e. a way of broadening consciousness that makes it possible to unblock the mechanisms of refusal that produce stress, while contributing to the development of a novel balance for oneself and for the environment.

Far beyond aesthetics and release, this work leads to a feeling of fullness and intuitive perception of the music of the spheres as well as of one’s own music.  Because finding your voice is activating your energy potential and reconnecting with the transceiver functions of each of us.

Jossette M. Abel 2003


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