Monthly Kriya May 2018



Friday 25 May 2018
8pm – 10.30 pm

Everyday a new soul is born into this world and somebody becomes a Mother.   As this Sunday is Mothers Day  here in France this  months 2.5 hour practise will concentrate on the discipline of Metta  « Loving Kindness » or « care ».  The capacity to care for another as if they were yourself is a Soul quality.  It is a quality associated (though not necessarily assumed) with the birth of a child and the status of parent.

Metta is also the state of mind used when giving a Thai Yoga Massage where the practitioners sole intent is to bring health and well being to the patient.  Throughout the massage this level of focused intent is maintained by the internal repetition of a Mantra.


I am happy to share the beauty and softness of this particular mantra.  It touches the Soul with a rhythmic melody like a rocking a baby to sleep and as with all mantra it can be enhanced with practice and repetition.  I invite you to chant the Mantra with me for 2.5 hours or simply lie down and be enveloped in love and kindness.

Be ready to improve your capacity for caring and hence sharing!

The suggested price is …25€
The venue… My studio in St.Pabu
Again I ask you to arrive a good 10 minutes in advance and please contact me in advance so that I am aware of your participation
In love and light
peace and joy
Om Shanti


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