The marvellous month of May


Manifestation requires Maintained Motivation 



If you have ever watched May Pole dancers you may have been delighted with the beautiful patterns weaved by their lace ribbons.  If you have had the joy to watch your Grandmother or your mother crochet or have even been blessed with learning the art yourself, these amazing lattices are a good visual analogy for the grid of consciousness being woven around the earth.

As we tune into the majesty and magnificence of this movement we begin to realise that « We » are literally creating our reality on an individual and collective level of consciousness.  We are the light weavers.

Nothing is happening to us, we are individually or collectively creating situations, experiences and world events that reflect levels of consciousness.  If consciousness is the intensity or frequency of that light, the dark is simply our ignorance and most of the time the darkness is due to our own-self standing in our own light.

Here is a test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished:

If you are alive, it isn’t…..

Richard Bachૐ 

Changes to the Programme 


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