The ever Evolving Universe


Love, Evolve, Revolve


So as the Sun « speeds » through space, in our ever expanding Universe, the planets dance in orbit around  themselves and each other and we are drawn forth into the only sure state of affairs, that of change and evolution.

With the energy available from the Sun and the wisdom being emanated by the beautiful interactions of the planets.  These Aspects (as planets form conjunctions and oppositions, form squares, triangles and sextile of varying degrees), create openings of awareness, possibilities for growth and deep healings with regard to the darker sides of human nature and our hidden wounds, which our Ego’s are only too happy to hold on to; defining ourselves as separate entities, with fixed likes and dislikes, opinions and preferences, where as really we are all Individual lights in the Great Cosmic Dance.  With one « soul » purpose …. to shine.




This view of the Universe requires the comprehension that the only « constant » in our lives is that of change.  This perpetual movement requires us to  re-remember who we are with every breath.  In order to embrace this concept we need stability,  not so much as in an a fixed external routine, but a stable inner-self. 

When we start the path of personnel growth earnestly and diligently we will be tested to see how much we have really learnt.. These initiations are to see if we are able to apply the teachings in all situations to enter into the knowledge of the circle (we are all in this together) and ride the cosmic wave.  The effort and the discipline of a personal practise prepare us for this leap. 

As it is a leap of faith, after the leap we are no longer sustained by our efforts, but by the forces of LOVE.  We begin to understand, that the purpose of life is not suffering, but that their is  a guiding force calling us to SHINE. 




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