Exercise to improve posture


Exercise to Improve posture

Best done in the Evening before bed.  With the feet together stand against a wall.  First of all push your heels into the wall, then the calves, thighs, buttocks, and the length of your your back; Then push backwards into your shoulders and lower the shoulder blades, lower your chin and press your neck into the wall. The top of the head should stretch upwards. Be aware of the souls of your feet and toes, gently pull the stomach in. You will probably feel very uncomfortable in this position at first, it’s normal.
Breathe softly through your nose, aim to relax while keeping maximum contact with the wall. When the body is truly relaxed, you should feel as though your head is moving freely, as if you were growing taller.
Keep going for a few minutes.  You can gradually increase the time.
After a week, look for this position during the day when walking or standing.
After a while you won’t even think about it, this position will be automatic.

Inspired by Sophie Caron – Dentist

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