Practice makes perfect


A little effort goes along way

Healing with the Siri Gaitri Mantra

Certain Mantra are like beautiful gems stones and are to be cherished for their innate magnificence.  When they come into your life, they are a gift from the cosmos, hold on to them, set them in the heart of the temple of your human body.  Polish them with repetition.  Master the practice and you WILL be rewarded with healing and awareness. The Siri Gaitri is a Sushuma Mantra, it is unique and captures the radiant healing energy of the cosmos as a gem captures the light of the sun.


For more information on this Kriya follow the link  or look in exercises. If you took part in the Kriya last friday 16th you will receive a password giving access to the practice and an advanced practice if you so chose.  I can not emphasise enough the benefits of a daily practice and especially of a 40 day Kriya.  Due to lots of interest on this subject, and as we are stronger together, I intend to put in place a 40 day Kriya.  We will use Insight timer and/or WhatsApp, to keep the motivation.. Keep an eye on the posts to see when we start.


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