Healing via Mantra


Healing with the Siri Gaitri Mantra

Certain Mantra are like beautiful gems stones and are to be cherished for their innate magnificence.  When they come into your life, they are a gift from the cosmos, hold on to them, set them in the heart of the temple of your human body.  Polish them with repetition.  Master the practice and you WILL be rewarded with healing and awareness. The Siri Gaitri is a Sushuma Mantra, it is unique and captures the radiant healing energy of the cosmos as a gem captures the light of the sun.


It’s eight sounds stimulate the Kundalini to flow in the central channel of the spine and in the Chakras, creating a huge metabolic adjustment to the new level of energy in the body, including the brain.  The sounds balance the right and left hemispheres and help to activate the neutral mind, where judgements ceases, acceptation arises and healing results.

The continued repetition of the Mantra for 11, 22 or 31 minutes creates a current of sound which creates a juxtaposition energies.  These energies flow through a circuit of the chakras.  You literally rise towards the Infinite, unite with it and bring it backdown purifying your finite embodiment.

RAA – Is strong and bright and hot, energising and purifying, it is the energy of the Sun.

MAA – Is cool  and nurturing, creating receptivity, it is the energy of the Moon.

DAA – Is secure and personal, grounding action, it is the energy of the Earth.

SAA – is  multidimensional and open, creating presence, it is the impersonal Infinity.

SAA – the repetition of this sound is a turning point, the first part of the Mantra is ascending and expands into the infinite. The second part is a pivot for these qualities of the highest and most subtle ether to descend, bringing them back down, interweaving the unmanifest with the manifest.

SAY – is sacred, its is the totality of our unique personal experience.  It is the embodiment of SAA.

SO – is identity and our awareness of this merger.

HUNG – is vibrating and real, the infinite in finite form. The I am thou.

The Practice

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