Mudrás for December Mini-stage


Mudrás for December Mini-stage

Mudrá for Acceptation. This Mudrá helps to bring internal harmony.  It is really helpful at calming stomach cramps and menstrual discomfort.  Before you start massage the little fingers and ring fingers of both hands.  Whilst holding the Mudrá breath deeply FullSizeRenderinto the abdomen, the lower back and groin, let the tension disperse as you exhale.. By bringing the little fingers and ring fingers together with the thumbs we unite the Mind, Sun and positive Ego.

Relax your hands and place them on your abdomen….Visualise a beautiful Mandala of red, orange and yellow and allow these enthusiastic, rejuvenating and healing colours to warm the internal organs of elimination and reproduction.

I allow myself to take pleasure from life and I comfort myself when I feel the need.


Mudrá for the Lungs. This Mudrá gives healthy detachment.  Balancing the feelings IMG_0523of loneliness from feelings of constriction. It brings joy and a sense of freedom.  Bringing the middle fingers together, at the first knuckle and opening the other fingers  stimulates Prana to circulate in our lungs.  As you inhale visualise vast expansive skies, feel the air flowing into your lungs. Hold your breath and absorb this life force. Exhale deeply and allow the next breath to simply follow.  Affirm.

I am fully alive


Mudrá for fixing priorities.  This Mudrá reduces stress, and strengthens the nervous system.  Our time is precious. By fixing priorities we can eliminate many of the pressures FullSizeRenderof life. Whilst holding the Mudrá slightly push the thumbs together and « lift » them upwards, raising the positive ego of the right and left hands.  Visualise yourself in a cave near to a pool of water.  Observe how droplets of water intermittently fall from a stone creating ripples on the surface of the pool.  The concentric circles get larger and larger as they move outwards.  Something that is very small in the beginning can have very large effects and put wonderful events in motion.

Ripples never come back. From our small efforts, great changes follow


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