Matsayam, Shankh and Flow Mudrá



Matsayam, Shankh and Flow Mudrá

Matsayam Mudrá, the fish. This Mudra invigorates and strengthens the back, regulates blood pressure, activates the circulation and warms us right through to the heart.FullSizeRender
Before holding this mudra, massage vigorously the back of one hand with the help of the other. First the one on the right, then the one on the left.  Before placing the left palm flat over the right, to imitate a fish.
Sit up very straight without leaning against anything; relax from time to time and then straighten up again. This movement invigorates the intervertebral discs and relaxes the tendons and muscles.  See yourself in love, wings push you. Light and joyful,  you are heading towards something beautiful.

Straight and true, with a light and happy heart, awake and mobile. Thus I make my way through life.

Shankh Mudrá – soothes the throat and improves your voice ; It symbolises the Conch horn which is used to announced the opening of the temple doors.. Its the call of FullSizeRenderliberation to open the doors of our own inner temple, revealing the light within, the home of our higher self and the voix of our intuition.
Encircle the thumb of the left hand, the pearl, with the four fingers of the right hand, the shell. The pearl is the symbol of our highest self or positive ego, with which we connect to with love and which lets us receive all we require, gives confidence and security – simply everything we need.

I use thoughts and words of strength and love, and everything that I think and speak comes back to me.


Flow Mudrá – helps in acute situations of nervous tension. Beware of the addiction to stress; it is important to develop a strategy – to mark a stop – to take a step back – to reflect FullSizeRender– to let go of all that is too much – to delegate – to create a new timetable. Place the left hand infront of the right, let the thumbs touch, hold the hands comfortably infront of you,
Visualise a beautiful sunset and leave everything that brings tension into your life behind; imagine yourself in good company.  You give yourself ‘free time’ in nature or with your partner,  play with a child, or a pet, not to mention a receiving a hugger two.

My greatest wealth lies in the little joys

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