December New Moon 2017


December New Moon 2017

Monday 18th at 6.30 am (GMT)

The New moon this month will be in the redeeming or healing constellation of Ophiuchus . It is the only constellation in the path of the Sun (ecliptic) that is not usually considered to be part of the Zodiac..Known as the Serpent Bearer it’s 55 visible Stars are situated in the midst of the Equatorial constellation Serpens near to Scorpius. Ophiuchus represents Aesculapius, the god of medicine, who learned his craft from a snake. In greek mythology Zeus obliterated Aesculapius with a Lightning bolt because his genius at healing threatened to make humankind immortal.

So with this New Moon conjunct with the galactic centre, venus and saturn its healing power could be said to lie in the acceptance  of self and in surrendering  to the illuminating power of love.  The Galactic centre can be thought to be our energetic source, giving the tone of conscious evolution, giving out cosmic downloads or New beginnings via a thought or idea. We could compair it to a seedling planted in our consciousness to nurture or the vibration of a new intension.  Practically that means by releasing our fears and limiting dysfunctional mental, emotional and physical belief structures  we can undergo a transformation. That by being truthful , content  and open to actively set the priorities  to activate change, we can reclaim our future as a manifestation of our highest self.

Your soul is your highest self

Yogi Bhajan

That healing comes from the Serpent Power of the Kundalini force resting dormant in each of us , which when raised illumines the consciousness of man individually and collectively.

Love yourself to understand how to respect yourself.

Yogi Bhajan

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