Exercise to improve your Posture


Exercise to improve your posture

In the evening before sleeping. Stand against a wall with your feet together. Feel the contact point of the heals, the calves, thighs and buttocks with the wall. Pull your stomach in, to hold the back flat to the wall and push the shoulder blades and shoulders backwards into the wall. Gently push the soles of your feet against the floor. Be aware of the contact points of the five toes and the heals.
Now lower the chin and push the neck against the wall. The crown of the head lifting upwards.
You will probably feel slightly, if not extremely uncomfortable when you begin, do not worry and do not force the movements.
Breathe gently through the nose consciously relaxing the body and keeping a maximum amount of contact with the wall.. Repeat long slow breaths feeling the breath in the entire body and lifting up through the crown of the head, relaxing deeper and deeper with each breath.
continue for a few minutes.
After a week of practise, start to concentrate on this position whilst you are walking or standing up.
After a while you will not have to think at all, this neutral body posture will be automatic.

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