Exercise on Grace


Exercise On Grace

To merge the limited Ego into Divine Will and improve physical health.
I am the grace of God – feminine
I am in the Grace of God – masculine

Part 1
Lie on your back, fully relax the body against the floor. Close your eyes.
Inhale and fully contract your body, exhale and let go of the tension; repeat this a few times until you begin to “feel” the weight of your body against the floor. If need be lay an eye pillow across the brow to help relax the forehead. Fully conscious of all four stages of the breath.
> Púraka……….Inhale slowly and deeply
> Kúmbhaka…..Repeat the Mantra silently 10 times
> Rêchaka…….Exhale slowly and completely
> Shúnyaka……Repeat the Mantra silently 10 times
Repeat this process 5 times giving a total of 100 silent repetitions
Release the breathing rhythm and silently sit up in Sukhasana (easy pose), keeping the eyes closed.

Part 2
Bring the fingers of the right hand into Jñána Mudrá and rest the right wrist on the right knee.
Bring the fingers of the left hand into the “vow” position, palm flat, facing forward in line with the left shoulder.
Breath regularly and softly. Meditate on the ruling energy of each finger one at a time. Starting with the Little finger, Ring finger, Middle finger, Index finger, Thumb
> WATER – subconscious communication with self, the power to relate and communicate (Mercury)
> FIRE – physical health, vitality, grace and beauty (Sun and Venus)
> AIR – ability to channel Emotion into Devotion and Patience (Saturn)
> ETHER – Expansion, the Wisdom to open, giving Space for Change (Jupiter)
> EARTH – Positive Ego (Mars)

Practice on an empty stomach Twice aday for 40 Days

This Kriya balances the 5 elements and thoughts, behaviour, personality and projection become aligned; it uses the power of positive affirmation to evoke and manifest inner grace, strength and radiance. Affirming the truth, that we are literally “Made in Heaven”.
With continued practise the Aura will become tipped with gold and silver and healing powers will flow from the Primal Power of the Adi Shakti.
When a woman practices this Kriya she understands that she IS Adi Shakti the Primal power. It empowers, strengthens and channels emotions positively, develops mental clarity and effective communication and gives her the patience to move through the tests of her our Karma.
When a Man practices this Kriya he realises he is WITHIN the Adi shake and unnervingly Bows in Reverence to the Divine feminine in every woman he will find deep inner peace and security, respect and sense of purpose.

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