December Full Moon 2017


December Full Moon 2017

Sunday 3 December 15:47 GMT

This Full Moon falls in the Middle of the constellation Taurus; the Bull. It is a time to integrate the qualities of steadiness and stability by connecting to our inner resources our self reliance our self worth and our resourcefulness. To be stable and steady we need to connect to and appreciate our true selves, when we are true we are grounded, sure footed and confident in our actions. As Venus, the ruler of Taurus moves into Scorpio and with the Sun already in Scorpio; the heavens are literally illuminating our hidden gifts and our fundamental values.
Neptune can bring uncertainty, disillusionment and apathy, so as with every full moon its a great time to put into practise Meditation and Prayer. By clearing out what we have swept under the rug and accepting that we all have a Divine purpose, to go with the flow and allow ourselves to be present.
There is a lot going on in the heavens, but as Mercury (our mental powers) goes retrograde back through Sagittarius,  Ophiuchus and Scorpio, we are being asked to rethink to examine to relearn to evaluate and tie up any lose ends in our healing process.

See that your Presence
is a present
pre- sent
to be present
Here and Now

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