In Reverence to Why


In Reverence to Why

In creating these web pages and in writing these post the workings of my heart and mind are revealed to me more clearly and succinctly than ever before. I am beginning to fully understand the benefits of a “ life review“, if more of us, thought more of ourselves the world might just be a happier place. If we took the time to meditate on our reason for Being, the motivation and enthusiasm for Being and above all the gratitude of Being; changes would arise.
As some of you already know this summer I really hurt my right arm, its started by piercing the synovial joint of my middle finger, the most karmic of all fingers and only used in Mudras  that require heavy stabilising forces and the earth element used for grounding. It symbolises the Saturn force which is linked to the base or root chakra (Muladhara).


Then I REALLY hurt my shoulder, for those of you that know the full story feel free to laugh as I will one day recount the story under tales of La Yogique Mum.

There’s going to be very painful moments in your life that will change your entire world in a matter of minutes. These moments will change YOU. Let them make you stronger, smarter and kinder. But DON’T you go and become someone that you’re not. Cry. Scream if you have to. Then you straighten out that crown and keep it moving.

Erin Van Vuren 

However suffice to say that I managed, all by myself, to rupture the synovial joint of my right shoulder. Shoulders well they are linked to the Anahata chakra our hearts…symbolising the weight of the world that we carry with us.
Now I had water in all the “wrong” places and a pain so great I was forced to listen to it, but from that moment forth a whole chain of events began to unfold and a deeper truth revealed itself to me..

Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as Water
Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible
Nothing can surpass it

Tao Te Ching ૐ

The soft overcomes the hard
The slow overcomes the fast
Let your workings remain a mystery
just show people the results

Tao Te Ching ૐ

Many of you know that I am a great admirer of ”A Course in Miracles ”, it is however just a beginning. Life will then take us onwards and upwards.. But if we do not listen or adhere to that inner voice, be pleasantly reassured that life will eventually evoke a situation that will render that impossible!

If we really want something with our entire heart
the whole Universe transpires to help us.


The lesson of the voice. It was calling me (screaming at the beginning!) to give up the resistance to change, to accept that it was time for pastures new; that I was strong enough to make the necessary changes, that I no longer had to hide and feel helpless against the opinions of others and the labels they gave to me; to give myself permission to come back to myself. To come back home.. That it was safe to “sing” the note of my soul.IMG_1959
Self-healing became easy as I gave up the resistance to change. I embraced every change and continue to do so, with gratitude; and as I became stronger and as my love of self became deeper I found I could share this more deeply with others than ever before. More and more wonderful encounters, meetings of minds and manifestations of beauty and grace.
The voice of my shoulder is quite today, it’s tender whisperings to keep my heart open empower me, to be blessed with inner bliss is a choice. Its a choice we make in every moment.
So I call you you to have the strength to make the changes that you need to make, before life comes crashing down around you.
To look out of the Devil’s cave, because after all the « Devil » is simply « Lived » backwards. To let go of your past and step boldly into the unknown of the future. To stop looking at the light as though it is something outside of yourself and remember we are all made of light and beauty comes from within.

Assume who you are



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