November New Moon 2017


November New Moon in Libra

Saturday 18th at 11.42 (GMT)

This November new Moon falls in Libra, which typically does not happen as it is such a small constellation. So it’s a good idea to sit with the energies over the weekend – New moons are a great time for retreat – and to see what needs to be brought back into Balance.
Libra is about the mechanics of our relationships, the importance of co-operation, the give and take and Harmony, focusing on others needs and developing relationships. This nuance will be with us for the next 30 days.. It’s also the symbol of justice and doing the right thing, finding equality in our interactions with others.
It squares to the North node and is the half way point of the Solar cycle, which started with the Eclipses in Leo in August and will concludes with the eclipses to come at the end of January/beginning of February.  Therefore it is Significant with regards to our life path. It’s the time to evaluate where we are in our creative process, Leo is our passions our reasons for being, expressing our true selves. So this is a high point in this cycle of taking action in self expression and bringing it into existence; so challenge yourself!!
Venus will be leaving the constraints of Virgo, which was challenging and debilitating and as Venus rules Libra; Harmony will be available for Harmonies sake.
The Moon will move into Scorpio Sunday, so its a good time to get in touch with our deep feelings, see what comes up, accept and to be aware.
As Mercury sextiles Mars and transits Ophiuchus……it’s a good time to learn about healing, to be aware of our wounds. It’s about communication, using the routine, having confidence and motivation to take the required action to heal. A great time to start a Kriya!
The healing forces of Chiron will be refreshing, so it will seem natural and without much challenge..
Mars does however square pluto, these are powerful planets, so be aware of the Ego’s desire to control. When taking action to make changes remember to be compassionate and seek harmony.

So Listen to yourself and Others
Release the need to control
Stay strong in Your self worth
Let go of your pain
Allow Harmony, Health and Happiness to Reign

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