Miracle Kriya


Miracle Kriya

3.44 am Sun 5th November 2017

Firstly, Thank you to everyone who participated in this months Kriya..
Your healing Prayers were heard by the Universe do not doubt the power of your Mind.
Secondly, I advise you to use the energy of this Full Moon to take the first steps in establishing a daily practise. Why not start by repeating this powerful Mantra for 3, 5 or 11 minutes daily for the next 40 days..?
Thirdly, remember Yôga is the Practice, the Sádhana. Only by taking action will re-remember this state of heightened Consciousness known in Sanskrit as Samádhi.

A light not born of sun or moon nor fire,
A light that dwelt within and saw within
Shedding an intimate visibility…….

Sri Aurobindo




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