November Full Moon 2017


November Full moon in Aries 

Saturday 4th 5.23 (GMT)

This full Moon falls in the middle of the constellation of Aries.
Its the first sign of the Zodiac and it is encouraging us to take those first steps.
Asking us where we can integrate courage, initiative and wilfulness into our lives.
Its symbol, the Ram, is encouraging us to face our fears full on.
Its the force of energy in motion (emotion) to build courage and confidence and take Action.
To check in with ourselves and see how these characteristics can be integrated into our lives.
Its the time to trust our instincts, to connect with our inner feeling.
The ruler of Aries is Mars and can be found in Virgo, so there is still a motivating force of striving for perfection, doing the work; concentrating on the details, organising and improving our material lives.
The sun is moving from Virgo into Libra bringing clarity with who we are and what we want out of our relationships. Its harmonic vibration is helping us (and over the next three weeks) to find balance in our relationships.
To co-operate, to give and take and as Mercury transits Libra, this is where our minds will be.
This Full Moon is in opposition to Jupiter.
Jupiter is close to the sun helping us to develop opportunities, implementing open-mindedness, to think big, be hopeful and even lucky!
Pluto is in Sagittarius asking us to restructure our beliefs, be adventurous and enforcing us again to face our fears head on.
Overall its an incredibly empowering Full Moon, deep and fiery. Which sextiles to Neptune; bringing receptivity, to be easy going and go with the flow.
The Sun turns up to Neptune Friday reinforcing flow, to wander, feel the currents and put our energy into our intuitions.
Venus is opposite and up to Uranus asking us to question our relationships, bringing a desire for freedom. To cut any chains and asking us how we can be true to ourselves.
However, it sextiles to Saturn therefore it is grounding and stabilising, helping us integrate this Venus energy without extremes.. Healthy freedom.

 So keep it simple
Keep it real
Act and not React
And Understand through compassion..

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