Learning to meditate


Learning to meditate

“The quieter you become the more you can hear!”
Guru Ram Das

Sit in any comfortable position, easy pose or on a chair with your back straight. Gently pull the chin downwards and inwards to perform a slight Jalándhara bandha. Softly close the eyes and focus the inner gaze between the eyes brows, Ájña chakra (third eye point).

Lightly place the four fingers of the right hand in a straight line along the left wrist.
Concentrate on feeling the pulse in each of the finger tips of the right hand.
Mentally repeat …
“open up”
“be quiet”
“slow down”
until “Sat Naam” becomes a comfortable option.

This is a wonderful exercise to develop concentration in action, that is to say to always be aware of the rhythm of your heart.. It will allow you to control your reaction in any situation and brings one pointedness and sweetness to an overworked and dispersed mind.

This exercise can easily be practised in any of the four body postures of Vipassanã Meditation.
Lying down

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