Sirius meditation


Sirius meditation

It is with grace and ease that I allow myself to accept and integrate my dualistic aspects.
I no longer cling to the past or future.
And I now acknowledge myself in this present moment
as the magnificent being of infinite DIVINE light that I am.
I express my creativity in limitless ways.
As the universe is infinitely abundant in
and opportunities.
It is without effort that I allow these abundances to flow into my life.
I release in the now moment
all life times and memories of pain and strife.
I allow myself to be filled ease and grace
with every breath
as that is truly my natural state of being.
I allow others to holds unique view points without judgement.
Through their differing perpectives
I am afforded the opportunity to more richly perceive my own.
For without contrast many facets would remain unseen.
I grant myself mercy and forgiveness when I perceive that I have failed.
For failure is really an assumption of a vibrational experience
that did not match that of the actual vibrational expression.
I now forgive myself and all others for any illusionary perceptions
I may have carried
now carry
or potentially carry
and instead extend gratitude and joy for all my experiences and creations
And so it is

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