Orion Meditation


Orion Meditation

As I am now in this moment
It is safe to be fully present in this body
in this time
and in this space.
It is safe for me to express, in every moment
my uniqueness as an aspect of the DIVINE.
Doing so
allows me to experience life in all its rich and complex facets.
As I explore my own creative path
I allow myself to express my FULL potential.
By doing so
I add to the collective experience.
I allow myself to be of the greatest service for myself
and for all others.
I stand in my FULL power.
My ability to do so, not only serves me,
but it is also
a light
a beacon
a path
for others to explore should they chose to do so.
Just as I am able to do so from those who have gone before me.
I am never alone on my journey.
For those that have gone before me and those that follow behind me
in truth
walk beside me in this now moment.
In the face of challenge and adversity
I call upon their strength to bolster my own.
In my moments of doubt
I allow their wisdom to remind me of the inherent knowledge I carry within.
I courageously and effortlessly walk my own path
of highest exploration and service
with joy
and a limitless lightness of being.
And so it is


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