Full Moon – August 2021


Full Moon in Aquarius

Sunday 22 August 2021 at 1.02pm


A Full Moon in Aquarius brings the air element in opposition to the fires of a Sun in Leo.  Thus  aligning our psychological receptivity to the power of air to ignite fire might be wise and in doing so all the other aspects can more readily deepen our understanding of what it really means to be of service to « Self ».  When these airs are;

Balanced – we are progressive, inventive, humanitarian, unconventional, eccentric, envisioning in thought, word or deed.

over-emphasised – we are rebellious, radical, dictating, fanatical, extreme, chaotic, outlandish or even deviant in thought, word, or deed.

under-emphasised – we are undisciplined, impractical, detached, impersonal, aloof, disorganised basically anti-social in our thoughts, words or deeds.

Those of us who heat our homes with wood know only too well the importance of the subtle regulation of air flow to maximise the potential energy of the wood.  That by reducing the air flow the logs will burn all night, ready to be reignited in the morning, whereas the same wood would be consumed and the fire die out if the air is left to flow unregulated.  

Take some time out tonight to look at the evening sky… from late evening the rising Moon and Jupiter shine with these Aquarian rays, assimilating them into your psyche will  leave you open to receive all of that which the word Resilience entails.

This made me think of the simple plantain, in Flora of the Druid tradition its symbology is one of resilience, calm and assertiveness and ultimately strength, healing powering and the source of that power.

These small, inconspicuous perennials are  found all over the world, the Maoris and native Americans call it English mans foot , as it sprang up everywhere the white man travelled. This « menace » to a garden lawn (which the English (wo)man is very proud of) goes by such names as rats tails to that of angels harps; but its healing propensity lies in the  anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti viral properties of compounds which stimulate the immune system, found in its leaves and seeds and Mucilage which  soothes the intestines making a fantastic detoxing regime. Made as a tea, a spoon full of Plantago psyllium seeds placed in a glass of hot water and left to cool will create a « gloop » and this ball of mucilage travels easily through the intestinal track, picking up debris from the creases and folds, gradually cleaning the metres of our intestine from debris which could have been there for years..

Plantains are extremely resilient and though they drive English gardeners in search of a perfect lawn mad, we can not help, but admire its tenacity.  Psychologically it is knowing the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul.  In serving the Self, we are serving the whole, but we are working at at Soul level and what is ultimately best for preserving this life force and the life force of our fellow beings for as long as possible and for the seven generations to come.  Thus remember not to get too involved with individual personalities and their stories which detract from soul, where the ultimate healing lies.  As we purify our psyche

and align our personalities with our Soul Ray… serving others does not mean  being a door mat, but  becoming more assertive and robust with our boundaries and to keep our interactions at a Soul level. Standing our ground or putting up with and accepting the difficulties or criticism of others, perhaps requires lying low and keeping a low profile.


However many times the plantain is trodden on, in its leaves lie soothing ingredients for healing.  Regardless of how tough life is, in the end the real healing comes from within.

When life gets tough we can easily fall into the trap of a Martyr or Victim.   Instead of reaching outside to be saved, or by looking for someone or something that can rescue you try reaching in.  If we visualise that what we need is way down beneath us, in the earth and deep down inside of ourselves,  hunkering down, then becomes not resignation or fatalism but the act or drawing on this secret source of power and weakness will turn to strength.

Om shanti


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