3/4 Moon – July 2021


Three quarter Moon in Aries

Saturday 31st July at 15.18


… I am writing this post with an unreliable connection in a camp site and the sound of the waves is just too inviting !

But I made a pledge to myself to write once a week throughout 2021, namely for my own investment into a longterm goal of sharing Yogic knowledge and also to keep us connected and practice our Kriya until we can start classes again!

In short..

As we follow the movement of the Moon around the Sun, we can see how it reflects the light acting as a mediator, the Moon thus makes things personal and its aspects to the outer planets bring them into our personal sphere.  So, although the effects of the Moon are relatively weak when transiting Aries, we can clearly see that the Moon will soon be conjunct with Uranus and thus square to the Sun and Mercury (conjunct in Cancer) and Saturn in Capricorn.  This is a day where our life force and capacity of communication are blended in nurturing Cancer.  The opposition of the Sun to Saturn brings and added challenge of deeply assuming our responsibility and with our psychological receptivity influenced by the revolutionary liberating and inspirational energy of Uranus  we may feel that there are many restrictions in life that we feel limited by..

This is a time of great challenge for the individual and the collective… we are being asked to deal with a whole host of new rules and regulations which will continue to do so; so whilst I leave this to go to the beach, I ask you to consider just this…

How important is the individual in the collective and is it really a collective if it is governed by one individual???

Om Shanti


If you are on the street today voicing your individual choice to choose how to boost your immune system – speak your truth, speak kindly, speak with love.

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