Three quarter Moon – July 2021


3/4 Moon in Pisces

Thursday 1st July at 10.12 pm



Today the Moon sits in the middle of the constellation of Pisces and square to the Sun in Gemini, virtually conjunct to Chiron and trine to both Venus and Mars (soon too to  » Kiss ») and both Venus and Mars are in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn and  Saturn is quincunx (150°) to the Sun and still square to Uranus.

Interpreting such a busy chart is greatly simplified when considering the objective of our Kriya – to purify our psyche and bring balance to the male and female forces within our psyche.

In our increasingly fragmented and parochial world, few phenomena other than global wars, pandemic diseases, and the Olympic Games bring us together for a common purpose.

Stephen J Gould « Life’s » Grandeur »? 1996

With communicating and learning from others severely limited due to current « sanitary » restrictions,  our capacity to be resourceful and find new means to spread spiritual wisdom is greatly enhanced with a balanced psyche.  Remember that we started the lunar month in Taurus and the Earth element of resourcefulness.  I am currently considering « How » to relaunch collective classes in September; Bu, until then, if I can inspire you to practice this Kriya and to witness the enormous power of Humanology for yourself, I am continuing to play my part in communicating spiritual truths and there is a greater potential for individual and collective healing.

After all it is not the teacher that is important, but the teachings..

Air and water invite us to connect to higher frequencies, to trust our intuition, to develop our extra sensory capacities  and to be open to illumination.  Remember that we started the lunar month in Taurus and the Earth element of resourcefulness.  The numerous aspects with Saturn remind us of the long term, that by taking responsibility, structuring our lives with discipline and perseverance we can slowly and surely create a New world order.   Sidereal Astrology puts us a few hundred years away from this great golden age of Human Spiritual Realisation, thus these initial stages (Neptune has only just reentered Pisces) are incredibly important regarding building a reservoir of  spiritual resources, so that we can develop our skills and abilities learn to heal ourselves from the inside out and build the legacy of a Happy, Healthy and Holy humanity.

At the moment the collective psyche is desperately searching for external solutions so that life can return to normal.  Maybe now is a good time to question what really makes a human strong.  We have a far greater influence on our human mainframe than we think and a balanced mind will attract a different kind of experience.

The development of our spirituality, dissipates the veil of illusion and helps us recule from the attachments of life.   We are all part of a bigger picture.  A divine calling is a privilege because it upholds the awareness of beatitude.  As we allow the divine to enter we are full of an infinite joy and an sensation of ecstasy.  Connecting deeply to our interior home we are free to sing the note of our soul.

Clarity of vision brings a new consciousness and greater awareness, but it also protects us, gives us more space connect to Neptune to develop new understandings and harmonise with the slow road of human evolution and the spread of excellence.

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