Full Moon – June 2021



Full Moon in Sagittarius 

Thursday 24th June at 7:48pm



A Full Moon in Sagittarius brings some well needed fire to our psychological receptivity, this warmth comes from the Sun in the air sign of Gemini. Fire and Air help to develop our creativity with enthusiasm and communicate with passion.  Our capacity for joy and the art of simple well being is greatly enhanced when we consciously and responsibly (Mars in opposition to Saturn) take the time to nurture our relationships in a manner that releases deep emotional attachments, allows for transformation and unveils truth (Venus in opposition to Pluto).  

There lies within each of us a divine grain of love waiting patiently to fully flourish, but we can not really know what type of flower we really are.  Hence in trying to define ourselves we actually cause pain, anxiety and fear.  Life can often take us into the unknown, or the unexpected.  As we balance our psyche we find that there is more space for us to be adventurous with our exploration of life and finding our life’s purpose encourages us to expand our mind, body and spirit.  

Jupiter, (the planetary ruler of freedom loving, optimistic, philosophical Sagittarius) is harmoniously trine to the Sun.  Encouraging us to keep the faith, to open without reason and be ready for the unexpected.  A seed simply needs the right conditions to germinate, grow and blossom, but think of the plants that flourish on the pavement!  Take heart, when you are destined to grow, you will, despite the  seemingly unsurmountable obstacles.  The grain of divine love in your heart knows how to grow and that life supports this growth.  Do not be afraid to try new schematics in your relationships, because your vital energy supports and is nourished by all possibilities for evolution.


Let go of the things that do not make you feel strong

Om Shanti



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