Full Moon May 2021


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Wednesday 26th May at 12:14 pm 2021


This Full Moon Lunar eclipse introduces the energy of Scorpio.  The waters of scorpio are the great Lakes of our consciousness radiating with a transparent, open, honest, vulnerable, penetrating, accepting, bonding, but non-attached  energy from a pure and balanced psyche.  When out of balance, there is a tendency towards over-exposed or secretive behaviour with vindictive or suspicious thoughts, which result in disregard or over-attachment and gives Scorpions a bad name!  The planetary ruler of Scorpio is Mars, currently bringing into play the inquisitive, social and lighthearted air of Gemini, in opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius; hence using our self determined actions to eliminate deep emotional attachments through expanding our mind, body and spirit is required.  

As an éclipse can be seen as a reset and a Full Moon a great time to detox, I thus  propose, once again, a forty day Kriya of purification ૐ.  Mars trine to Neptune, at home in Pisces, boosts our self will with such spiritual endeavours.

As we return again to the same position deepen your intention and discipline yourself to practice at the same time everyday.  This also brings the structure required by Saturn in its square to Uranus; as we take our individual responsibility for own own temple, our physical body, psyche by psyche, balanced and unified,  brings the revolutionary change that liberates humanity and heals our planetary temple.

Think global act local

How more local than our individualised psyche.?. the Kriya will bring your awareness first to the masculine, right, solar and then the feminine, lunar, left.  Observe, become conscious of their differencing attributes and qualities, seeing your light body, but keeping your mind in infinity with the repetition ion of the Mantra, allow the shadows of your inner-self  to surface.  The energy of Scorpio, trine to Chiron in Pisces, aids our quest of exposing the truth through deep involvements and penetrating the depths of life and aids our continued practice.  Go deep into the Kriya; lengthen the breath, 4 cycles per minute (no retention), feel the heel placed on the perineum and push upwards, lengthen the shin and thigh of the bent leg so that the buttocks come closer to the floor, stretch into your feet.  If you have already been practicing I invite you to write a short testimonial of the results of your practice and share your observations.  

Be aware of your inner balance, male, female, right, left, action, receptivity these are two very different aspects of self which entwine finally to bring unity.  Like a stranger in a strange land there awaits the discovery of all sorts of new sensations, not always well received at first.  There may be physical discomfort, mental incertitude or an emerging sense of expansion allowing more space and for new thoughts and feelings, which remains void for this moment.  As the over developed male psyche softens and recedes and new feminine qualities arise, life will present situations for you to demonstrate your understanding.  

Be gentle, be kind, be full of love

The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all highlighted with the earth element of Taurus, added to the waters of Scorpio these two elements form the base for new growth, a new start and new opportunities to cultivate, slowly and steadily.  Whereas the earth element helps us to realise our projects, the water element helps us to go with the flow, united these qualities are the promised land in which seeds of our projects can grow.  Remember everything that happens is for our greatest good at the right moment..

Have a beautiful Full Moon experience and I look forward to reinitiating classes in the near future as the restrictions on our confinement lift..

Om shanti





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